Comunicazione satellitare INMARSAT Articolo : IMD03441300

Sistema Inmarsat FleetBroadband

PREZZO : Contattare Furuno Italia


System Overview of FleetBroadband

FleetBroadband coverage

  • I4 satellite F1 PAC-W 143.5E: Covering Oceania, Western Pacific and South and East Asia.
  • I4 satellite F2 IND-W 25E: Covering Western Asia, Africa and Eastern Atlantic.
  • I4 satellite F3 PAC-E 98W: Covering Western Atlantic, Eastern Pacific and Americas.

Vantaggi del prodotto

FELCOM251 and FELCOM501 are FURUNO's latest Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminals, which delivers ship-to-shore/ ship-to-ship broadband communication of up to 432 kbps, anywhere at sea, by utilising the inmarsat Fleet Xpress system coverage. (coverage map below.)

In addition to data communication services (Standard IP of up to 432 kbps). FleetBroadBand allows the users to make use of ISDN data service* as well as FAX communication.

FELCOM251 and FELCOM501 will bring cost-effective broadband communication onboard the vessels for a variety of needs, for both operational and social purposes, including calling their friends and family back home while at sea.

* FELCOM501 only


Inmarsat fleet broadband data coverage anywhere at sea

  • Support the Inmarsat Fleet Xpress system
    • Standard IP(Up to 432 kbps for FELCOM501)
    • Streaming IP(Up to 256 kbps for FELCOM501)
    • Satellite voice
    • Enhanced voice services
    • Crew calling
    • GSM calls
    • SMS
    • Safety
    • Fax
  • Noise suppression function to improve the listening comfort in noisy environment
  • Compact Communication Unit FB-2001 for easy installation
  • High level of security settings (IP Filter, Firewall)
  • Remote Maintenance Available
  • Ample connection interface for retrofitting with existing systems and components
  • Conforms to the following standards: Inmarsat Fleetbroadband SDM, IEC 60945 (Ed.4), IEC 60529 (Ed.2)


1 X communication unit FB-2001
1 X IP Handset FB-2001
1 X Antenna unit FB-1501

1 x Unità antenna FB-1250
1 x Unità BB di comunicazione FB-2000
1 x Cornetta con base
1 x Materiale Standard di installazione


Caratteristiche tecniche

Alimentazione : 12/24 V
Altezza : 258 mm
Connessione Tel/fax : 4
Diametro : 653 mm
Funzione : Data/Voix/Sms
GPS integrato : YES
Marca : FURUNO
NMEA0183 : 1
Peso : 21 Kg
Velocità di trasferimento di dato (maxi) : 432 kbps

Parti e accessori

00124051000 FR-FTPC-CY CAVO LAN 10M ARMATO SENZA CONNETTORI RJ45 19S1029-0 Contattare Furuno Italia
00149332000 16-023-5501 SPLASH PROOF CAP Contattare Furuno Italia
00154162000 403742A-920-FUR MAST MOUNT KIT Contattare Furuno Italia
00003587500 FB-3101 ALARM PANEL 403771A-FUR Contattare Furuno Italia
00003587600 406080A-FUR-001 AC/DC POWER SUPPLY 406080A-27001 Contattare Furuno Italia
00003420700 GEMINI9333 PHONE FIXING BASE SET Contattare Furuno Italia
00003510800 GEMINI9333 PHONE FIXING BASE SET TILTING TYPE Contattare Furuno Italia
00116788010 LAN CABLE ASSEMBLY MOD-Z072-020+ 19S1181 Contattare Furuno Italia
00116789010 MOD-Z072-050+ CAVO LAN 5M CONNETTORI RJ45/RJ45 PER HUB 84,18 € IVA inclusa
00116790010 LAN CABLE ASSEMBLY MOD-Z072-100+ 19S1181 Contattare Furuno Italia
00004327800 OP16-10 MODULAR JACK BOX(EXPOSED) FELCOM80/81 Contattare Furuno Italia
00154161000 406080A-001-FUR WALL MOUNT TRAY Contattare Furuno Italia
00004327900 OP16-11 MODULARJACKBOX(FLUSH) FELCOM80/81 Contattare Furuno Italia
00153744000 OP16-78-2 ATTACHMENT FELCOM501 Contattare Furuno Italia
00003783000 OP16-79 MODULAR JACK SET Contattare Furuno Italia
00004327200 OP16-8 BOX JACK MODULARI PER FELCOM-251/501 24,40 € IVA inclusa
00125846000 TN2210 TONER CARTRIDGE Contattare Furuno Italia
00124053000 FR-FTPC-CY CAVO LAN 30M ARMATO SENZA CONNETTORI RJ45 19S1029-0 Contattare Furuno Italia
00124052000 FR-FTPC-CY CAVO LAN 20M ARMATO SENZA CONNETTORI RJ45 19S1029-0 Contattare Furuno Italia
00002487200 FAX-2840 ENGLISH*CE FACSIMILE MACHINE COMPLETE SET Contattare Furuno Italia
00003587800 FB-3003 USB-RS232C CONVERTER 403738B-27982 Contattare Furuno Italia
00003481800 FB-3001 INCOMING BELL Contattare Furuno Italia
00124055000 LAN CABLE (4 PAIR) FR-FTPC-CY *100M* 19S1029-0 Contattare Furuno Italia
00106731000 CP16-04131 INSTALLATION MATERIALS Contattare Furuno Italia
00854246000 CP03-28901 CONNECTEUR Contattare Furuno Italia
00124054000 FR-FTPC-CY CAVO LAN 50M ARMATO SENZA CONNETTORI RJ45 19S1029-0 Contattare Furuno Italia
00003510900 GEMINI 9333B4 TELEPHONE SET TILTING TYPE Contattare Furuno Italia
00003332500 GEMINI 9333B4 TELEPHONE SET Contattare Furuno Italia
00004322800 OP16-13 SET JACK MODULARI PER FELCOM-251/501 56,12 € IVA inclusa
00016714010 JOINT BOX TL-CAT-012 - Contattare Furuno Italia
00125844000 DR2200 DRUM UNIT Contattare Furuno Italia
IT-S2-6110 DOME VUOTO I6/I6P/I6W INTELLIAN 1 708,00 € IVA inclusa
IT-S2-9112_A DOME VUOTO I9P/I9W INTELLIAN 4 501,80 € IVA inclusa
00116322010 8D-FB-CV 40M ANTENNA CABLE ASSEMBLY 20S104690 Contattare Furuno Italia
00116319010 8D-FB-CV CAVO 50M ARMATO PER GPS/FELCOM/AIS 20S104690 Contattare Furuno Italia
00116317010 8D-FB-CV CAVO 30M ARMATO PER GPS/FELCOM/AIS 20S104690 Contattare Furuno Italia
RO-00017 CABLE ANTENNE 15 M D:5.4MM AVEC CONNECTEUR Contattare Furuno Italia
RO-00018 CABLE ANTENNE 25 M D:10.8MM AVEC CONNECTEUR Contattare Furuno Italia
00115811010 12D-SFA-LITE-CV 100M CABLE EQUIPE 16S0211 Contattare Furuno Italia
00003623800 FB-8001-E IP HANDSET FBB HANDSET W/CRADLE Contattare Furuno Italia
00003624100 CP16-06600 INSTALLATION MATERIALS FELCOM501 Contattare Furuno Italia
00003587000 FB-1501 W/O INST-MAT ANTENNA UNIT W/O INST-MAT 403052C-FUR-001 Contattare Furuno Italia
00003642800 FB-2001-501 W/O INST COMMUNICATION UNIT W/O INST 403738B-FUR-500 Contattare Furuno Italia