Sonar Articolo : IMD02333001

The most advanced half-circle sonar for shallow water detection with unparalleled image detail



A Wider scanning range near the seabed for enhanced detection capabilities

The adoption of innovative signal processing technology dramatically increases the sensitivity of the sonar and allows detection and tracking of fish schools over a considerably larger area.

A unique fan-shaped beam that scans from the sea surface to the seabed

Thanks to a unique fan-shaped beam, increasing the scanning speed more than twice than that of previous models, and an extended detection range helping reduce the amount of fish that go undetected.
The performance of half-circle sonar have been taken to a whole new level.

High frequencies (180 kHz) allow clear and easy distinction between fish, seabed and nets

The Furuno FSV-75 Sonars use high frequencies (180 kHz) which, unlike low and middle frequencies, can easily detect fish tight on the bottom or nets.

Perfect to search for fish with rapid, erratic movement such as skipjack or tuna

At short ranges, half-circle sonars can swipe faster than full-circle sonars as they can receive faster. It is particularly useful when searching for fast moving fish.

Vantaggi del prodotto

  • Scanning : Full digital beam forming
  • Frequency : 180 kHz
  • Basic Range : 50 - 1900 m (Off-center 95 - 1900 m)
  • Audio Search : 1 kHz10 W (optional speaker required)
  • Resolution : SXGA?1280×1024?
  • Colors : 32 colors (sonar pictures), 6 colors (marks)
  • Display mode : Slant, Vertical combination scan*, Echo sounder
    • combination*, Vertical and echo sounder combination* (*: future use)
  • Ports : Video output: 2 ch,
    • HDMI, SXGA
    • NMEA0183 x 5 ch(V1.5/2.0/3.0/4.0/4.1)
    • External KP x 1 ch, current loop or contact closure
    • Voice output x 1 ch, 10 W, 4 ohms, monaural
    • Gyrocompass: 1 ch, AD-10
    • Echo sounder input: 1 ch, VI-1100A analog
    • Contact closure x 1 ch, for external switch
    • USB x USB2.0 x 2 ch, USB3.0 x 2 ch
    • LAN x 2 ch, Ethernet, 1000Base-T


Sonar a scansione semicircolare con trasduttore 180 kHz. La risoluzione superiore di FSV-75 offre la possibilità.
Modalità di presentazione in 3D saranno disponibili in futuro come opzione.
Uscita video SXGA (1280x1024).


1 x Processor unit
1 x Control unit
1 x Transceiver unit
1 x Hull unit
1 x Matching bos


Parti e accessori

00003624500 INSTALLATION MATERIAL Materiel d'installation NC
00003628200 HULL UNIT FSV-753-180-T NC
00119634010 10S2380 *20M* 5-PAIR CABLE NC
00155230000 10CA10110*10M* CABLE ASSEMBLY NC
00155233000 10CA10147*10M* CABLE ASSEMBLY NC
00003624200 FSV-7550-180 MATCHING BOX NC
00003627200 FSV-7503 PROCESSOR UNIT NC
00003626700 FSV-7501-E-10 CONTROL UNIT NC

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